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Director's Bio

Malachi King, known as Seven, stands as the visionary force behind The Nile Creatives and Seven King Productions. With a lineage rooted in the legendary hip-hop ensemble Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five—his father’s legacy—Seven effortlessly embraces the entertainment realm. Opting to forge his distinct path to greatness, he emerged as a film director, producer, author, screenwriter, motivational speaker, and a steadfast advocate for the trans community.

Malachi’s educational journey led him to Clark Atlanta University, where he adeptly mastered various hands-on programs within Mass Media, ultimately ascending to the role of Mass Media Department President. Amidst these formative years, he lensed music videos for fellow students, igniting his creative spark and birthing engaging vlogs. This initial foray gradually evolved, culminating in the inception of his own short films and the groundbreaking web series, “Eden’s Garden.” This audacious creation garnered immense traction, amassing over 2 million YouTube views and propelling him into the spotlight—earning recognition as one of Ryan Murphy’s top emerging directors, affording him the coveted opportunity to shadow the prolific creator on set.

Presently, Malachi’s production company thrives, a crucible for diverse visual arts encompassing feature films, web series, dynamic social media content, and evocative documentaries. His unwavering mission revolves around imbuing narratives with visceral impact, transcending mere sight to evoke profound emotional resonance. Rooted in a distinct and contemporary vision, his projects beckon viewers to reengage, repeatedly immersing themselves in narratives that authentically mirror the communities and social causes that resonate deeply within him.

This burgeoning luminary has already etched an indelible mark upon his community, poised for an even more remarkable trajectory. Anticipate a wealth of forthcoming endeavors from Seven King Productions, a revitalized incarnation of his viral sensation, “Eden’s Garden,” poised for an exciting resurgence in the summer of 2022.

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Director's Statement

I directed this project driven by unwavering passion, an essential need, and a resolute sense of leadership. As someone who intimately understands this experience, I chose to lead by example, crafting a pioneering and impactful narrative centered on men of trans experience. The challenge of exploring uncharted territory only fueled my determination to persevere. Over eight years, I meticulously nurtured this endeavor from its humble beginnings on YouTube, where it gained immediate virality and nationwide recognition. Remarkably, this journey led me to the White House during the Obama administration, a testament to the power of this work.

"I chose to lead by example, meticulously nurturing this endeavor for over eight years."

When envisioning this project, I aimed to offer viewers a visceral understanding of the mental, emotional, and general journey faced by those assigned female at birth as they transition to their true manhood. This film strives to dismantle preconceptions—acknowledging that not all transitions are rooted in adversity and recognizing the diverse paths individuals tread. My aspiration is for this work to resonate with everyday people, enabling them to see their reflections and foster empathy, a reminder that our collective human experience binds us all. Furthermore, I intended to challenge and dispel entrenched stereotypes that perpetuate ignorance and misunderstanding about the trans journey.
The journey of creating this film was marked by challenges, notably constrained budgets that often required operating with a skeletal crew. We surmounted numerous sacrifices and endured extended hours on set, stretching resources to cover locations, sustenance, and talent. Balancing a full-time role as a trucker with that of a filmmaker strained my physical well-being due to neglect. One year, I meticulously saved earnings to invest in essential film equipment, a testament to the unwavering commitment to my vision. The pilot materialized as the embodiment of my longstanding dream—a raw, fervent, and distinct narrative spotlighting men of trans experience, particularly those of color. Collaborating with an array of backgrounds and experiences further underscored the collective effort required to bring this vision to fruition.
Each lead role was deliberately filled by authentic trans-male actors to maintain the genuine essence that permeates the screen. Their unwavering dedication to this story fills me with gratitude. Funding, a blend of contributions from HVTN, Gilead, Pocaan, GoFundMe donations, and my personal savings, fortified this project. The collective experience gleaned from this endeavor, where I wore the dual hats of producer and director, has poised me for future projects. I stand as an advocate for my actors, and my directorial ambitions have flourished with time. The potential for this project to be embraced stands to reshape my future creative contributions to the world. This journey fostered personal growth, nurturing a profound self-acceptance that celebrates my unapologetic self.

Every project reinvigorates my passion to learn more of the craft of filmmaking and directing – it’s truly my passion to bring visions to life!

~ Malachi “Seven” King

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